Christmas is how close?!? [Project #1]

All of a sudden its October and we here at The Quirky Quilting Co have realised just how close Christmas is!

Many of us have a variety of gifts to think about for teachers, colleagues, hobby groups, friends and family so we thought we would give you some quick and easy gift ideas you can sew up in an afternoon.   We’ve done up a series of blog posts to give you some ideas that are fun to make and can be made to suit the individual that you are giving the gift to. This is the first of a series of posts for you with photos and instructions on how to whip up some fabulous gifts.

Notebook covers

Who doesn’t like stationary???  The first project is a fabric book cover that will suit notebooks, diarys and sketch books. This project can be made to suit any size book by easily adjusting the measurements to suit your book.

The very first step is to measure your book. Our A5 book measured 11.5” wide (when open) and 8.25” high.

For the size of the main fabric and lining we will add 1.5” to both measurements so for our book we need 13” x 9.75”.
3.5” is a good size for the flaps on the A5 notebook so we will need 4 pieces cut at 4” x 9.75”   You can make them as wide or narrow as you like.  Not to narrow or the book may pop out of the cover.

Once you have the measurements it’s time to cut your fabric pieces you will need:
Lining fabric – cut one (ours is 13” x 9.75”)
Outside fabric – cut one (ours is 13” x 9.75″)
Flaps – cut four (ours is 4” x 9.75”)
Quirky Note: We used 2 colours for the flaps so cut four pieces at 4” x 9.75” and stitched down one side and then pressed ( watch out if you are using directional fabric!!)   You could also use one piece and fold it back in half – You will just need to cut two pieces at for example ours would have been 6.5” x 9.75”
Fusible Fleece – cut one 12″ X 8.75″ (cut the fusible fleece 1 inch smaller to avoid bulky seams)


7.” x 9.75” piece of Lost Treasures – Apples
1.5” x 9.75” and  3.25” x 4” of Light Pink, Spearmint, Noosa and Sunny Side up  

click on the colour to find these on our website (while stock lasts)
ApplesLight Pink    spearmint
Noosa   Sunny Side up

You can of course use your imagination and create any kind of patchwork you like so long as your final block equals 13″ x 9.75″

Step 1: stitch your flap pieces together down the long side. fold back and press. Be aware of which side you are putting the flaps is your fabric is directional!

Step 2. Center the fusible fleece on the wrong side of the outside fabric.
Carefully flip the fabric and fleece over. Press the outer fabric and fleece together. If you would like to add a quilted look to your notebook cover, now it is the time for a bit of quilting.

Step 3. Pin the flaps to the right side of the outside book cover fabric.
Baste the flaps in place using a long stitch on your sewing machine.

Step 4. Place the lining right sides together with the outer cover and pin.

QUIRKY TIP: Place your pins in a different direction to indicate where to leave the opening for turning the fabric book cover right side out.
And don’t forget – if you are using a directional fabric, make sure to place the opening at what will be the bottom of the book cover.

Sew all the way around using a 1/4″ seam allowance, backstitch or lock your stitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

Step 5: Clip your corners and then turn out the right way using the opening. Use a chopstick other pointy tool to push the corners out.

QUIRKY TIP: It’s a good idea to pop your book in now to check out how it fits. My first attempt as you can see was a little large!! I’ve since perfected the measurements but by checking you will get a good idea for what size allowance you will make for your topstitching.

Step 6: Press your cover and pin the opening.
Topstitch all the way around using a 1/8″ seam allowance (or as determined by the size of the book)

And now you are done! An individual gift that you can personalise for anyone 🙂