• Proud to be Quirky Zipper Case

    Hey Quirky Friends! This month our Quirky Club project is this too cute for words ring binder zipper pouch! As a part of our diversity month, we’ve included instructions for how to put this together with strips to make your own Pride flag version of the pouch, as well as instructions for putting it together using one main fabric. This project comes together in around an hour depending on how savvy you are and is SO much fun! We hope you enjoy making it as much as we did! xx Stay Quirky!

    Materials Required

    • Main fabric* Cut 1 at 16” x 10.5”
    • Coordinating Fabric Cut 1 at 2” x 10.5”; Cut 2 @ 4” x 1.25” (zipper tabs); Cut 1 at 1” x 6” (loop strips)
    • Zipper 10” or longer 
    • Clear Vinyl ** Cut at 10.5″ x 6.5″ 
    • Piece of string or small ribbon
    • Teflon sewing machine foot

    *See here for our pride flag dimensions, construction, and pride flag fabric guide. TIP: If using a fabric think about which direction you’d like your fabric if it’s directional.

    **TIP: You can use bag making vinyl or a neat trick is table cloth vinyl, many hardware stores sell it buy the metre – including some with sparkles! The lighter the vinyl, the easier it will be to turn out at the end.

    Bernina Foot of the Month

    Zig Zag Foot with Non Stick Sole #52

    Zig Zag Foot with Non Stick Sole #52C

    Zig Zag Foot with Non Stick Sole #52D


    1. Don’t burn your fingers, it’s Ironing time. Take your main piece and fold it in half with the shorter edges together. Press. 

    2. Next, Press  2” x 10 1/2” strip just like a piece of bias tape. Fold in half lengthwise, press. Open and fold raw edges to centre, press. Then fold down centre and press again.

    3. Now your zipper tabs. Press the short ends to the wrong side about 1/2”. Then fold in half and press. 

    4. Decrease your stitch length to about .30mm and stitch a piece of ribbon or string to one short end on the right side of your loop.  Fold in half, long sides together.  Stitch down the long side.  Use your string or ribbon to pull the fabric right side out. Cut into 2.5” pieces. Alternatively you can press your 1” x 2 1/2” loop strips just like tiny bias tape too. Be careful as these are tiny and you don’t want to burn your fingers. If you want to make it really easy using some coordinating ribbon as the loops will work too.

    HOT TIP! (pun intended!!!) A mini iron is a lot easier to use on small pieces of fabric. You can grab one in-store or online here.

    5.  OK, Now all our bits are prepped let’s get sewing!

    6. If you decided to iron the loop piece then sew it together along the folded edges. TIP: These are tiny and fiddly we found it easiest to place the strip over one feed dog and move the needle position over to line up. Wrap the 10 1/2” long folded strip around one long edge of the vinyl piece. Use clips to hold in place and stitch close to the folded edges. This is now your ‘bound vinyl piece.’ This is the step when your Teflon foot works it’s magic as it slides over the plastic.

    7a. Wrap one zipper tab around the top (open) end of the zipper. Stitch across the folds.

    7b. Lay your zip against the bound piece lining up the zipper tab with one end and cut to the same length. Stitch your zipper tab on the remaining open end. STAY SHARP! DO NOT USE YOUR FABRIC SCISSORS TO CUT THE ZIPPER!!!!

    8. Place the bound vinyl piece right on top of one of the zipper tapes. We used washaway tape to keep the zipper in place.

    9. The strip will go right across the top, centred, over the tabs, and close to, but not touching the zipper teeth. Stitch about 1/4” from the first row of stitching. Use a zipper foot if you need to. We moved the needle right across to the right and lined the zip up with the foot.

    10a. Now stick the folded edge of your main fabric to the opposite zipper tape with washaway. Centre it opposite the bound vinyl piece. 

    10b. Stitch close to the folded edge, and then topstitch 1/4” away from that.

    11. Open the back half of the large folded piece under the vinyl. Fold the loop strips in half and baste in place over the Front side of the vinyl along the raw edge . The loops should be about 3” in from either end, or line up with rings in your ring binder (you can add 3 loops for bigger binders.)

    12a. Fold the fabric back right sides together with the vinyl and loops sandwiched in between. Clip in place. DON’T GET CAUGHT IN A JAM! Leave the zipper open to make turning out a little easier.

    12b. Stitch around three sides (not the side with a zipper) with a 3/8” or 1cm seam allowance and leaving a 3” opening along one short edge for turning. Clip corners and trim away bulky seams.  CLIP CLIP! Use 2 clips to mark your stop/start point for your gap. This helps prevent unpicking when you forget to leave a turning gap!

    12b. Turn zipper case right side out. It might seem confusing with the vinyl sandwiched in between the fabric… you’ll just have to peek on either side of the vinyl and turn on the side where the zipper is right side out. If you left your zipper open, it is easy to turn the right way. Press CAREFULLY and only on the BACK. Do not touch the vinyl with your iron.

    12c. Topstitch around three sides (not the zipper side), closing the opening.  Keep the vinyl side up so it doesn’t stick to your machine and the foot will just glide over the vinyl.

    13. And you’re finished!  Whip these little cuties up for all of your binders and fill with pencils and pens, or scissors and seam rippers!

    A few extra tips! You don’t want your dog feeds to touch your Teflon foot as it will scratch the Teflon away.  When sewing really small items or on the edge put a piece of fabric or paper over the feed dogs so the foot is protected. Use clips instead of pins to prevent holes in your vinyl.  If you do use pins make sure they are in the seam allowance.


    Bernina’s Big Book of Feet will give you lots of ideas to use all the fabulous feet and accessories by Bernina.

    Buy your copy here

    Also…Check out Bernina’s you tube clip on this blogs featured foot.
  • Non Slip Foot Control Mat

    Materials Required

    • Non slip drawer liner/underlay
    • 1 x WOF strip for binding
    • Scrap of fabric to cut into small rectangle
    • Stuffing
    • Thread
    • Tear away
    • Bernina Lap Seam Foot #71


    1. Cut two pieces of non slip liner slightly wider and longer than your foot control.  You want enough room at the top to add the stopper roll and some room at the bottom for your heel.  We cut 6.5” x 12”.

    2. Cut your binding strip to your preferred width and press in half – Using the Bernina #71 lap seam foot we used a 2” strip.

    3. Measure the width of your liner.  Add 1” to the width for your stopper roll and cut a rectangle 5” high.  Ie:  Our width was 6.5” so we cut 7.5” x 5”.

    4. Fold the rectangle for the stopper roll in half right sides together and stitch along the 7.5”.

    5. Lightly stuff the roll leaving room either end to stitch onto non slip liner.

    6. Cut a hole in tearaway the size of your dog feed and stick the tear away over your sewing machine table.  This will help the non slip liner to move more easily

    7. Place the roll on the two layers of non slip liner and stitch down the roll to secure in place.  Trim any over hanging fabric.

    8. Lay binding on back of liner and stitch it all the way around.

    9. Fold your binding over to the top with some tear away strips between non slip liner and binding, and clip down.  The tear a way will prevent the foot from sticking on the liner.  Stitch down your binding using the #71 foot or your preferred method.

    10. Place on the floor and always have your foot control in reach!!


    Bernina’s Big Book of Feet will give you lots of ideas to use your #71 foot and all the other fabulous feet and accessories by Bernina.

    Buy your copy here

    Also…Check out Bernina’s you tube clip on this foot.
  • Are you ready to CELEBRATE?

    We are celebrating and you’re invited! 

    In these crazy times who doesn’t need a reason to CELEBRATE! Here at Quirky HQ we have so many things to celebrate with our quirky friends!

    So…On Saturday 5 March we are hosting a day of celebration, where we give thanks for all things quirky and the many changes our quirky world has undergone. And we want to CELEBRATE you too!!

    Did someone say ‘Mini Quilt Show’?

    To celebrate YOUR creations the day will feature our very own Mini Quilt Show where you can enter your quilting creations for a chance to win a fabulous prize – a $250 Quirky gift card!!! 

    For an Entry form and details click here. We can’t wait to see what you have stashed away in your sewing rooms!!

    Important Dates

    Entry Deadline: 26 February 2022

    Entry form and entry image must be received by this date.

    Entry Acceptance: 28 February 2022 – Finalists will be notified by email.

    Entry Drop Off: 3 March 2022 – Finalists must drop off their physical project. Projects received after this date will not be accepted for judging.

    Final Judging: 5 March 2022

    Prize Presentations: 5 March 2022 at The Quirky Quilting Co. Celebration Day!

    We can’t wait to celebrate!! 

    Stay Quirky! X

  • What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name? Well, like most things, businesses mature and develop and there comes a time in the business lifecycle where you need to evaluate where you are, what you do and where you’re going.

    Since taking over Quirky Quilts Qld almost two years ago I have been asking myself these questions. At the end of 2019 and with the help of my senior team and a super awesome business coach I sat down for the day to answer some of these big questions.

    One thing that kept coming out during the session was how passionate our business is about quilting and how much we love being just that little bit left of normal, ie. “Quirky” and what we discovered was that our branding just didn’t quite reflect all of those things.

    Where we are now in terms of our business and the connection we wanted to have with our quirky friends (that’s you the customer *wink*) just wasn’t represented in how we presented ourselves to the world at large. So, in short we began a process to rename and rebrand our shop so that it’s clear who we are and what we do.

    With a little help from our friends at pHcreative and Evocative, The Quirky Quilting Co was born inclusive of a beautiful and vibrant new logo. For those who have visited the shop in person I’m sure you’ll agree the new logo captures the bright, clean and modern vibe of our little shop and our new name pays homage to our roots and also reflects our desire to be a “Co.” That’s Co. in the plural sense of community because that’s where our heart is. We see the relationships, love and learning grown each week through a shared passion for quilting. Our quirky friends are our “Co.” so it makes sense that they would be included too.

    I hope that’s answered a few of the questions people might have had about why the new name and we look forward to all the adventures awaiting The Quirky Quilting Co in 2020 and beyond.